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March 2nd, 2018 • Posted by Jenniferalise Patterson • Permalink




 You’ll need:

Granulated or Raw Sugar

Unscented Sugar/Salt Scrub Oil Base

Pumpkin Cheesecake Fragrance Oil or Pumpkin Oil with Vanilla Oil

Mini Heremes Jar(s)

Food Coloring or Mica Powder


This recipe has no real measurements, which makes it easy to make as little or as much as you’d like. You just need enough of the oil base to make the sugar wet, creating a nice scrub texture. I made one small jar so I started out with ½ cup sugar and added the oil little by little until I was happy with the consistency.

Then mix in the fragrance oil starting with a small amount, stirring it well, and then adding more until you’re happy with the scent. Next, add a few drops of yellow and red coloring or a pinch of red and yellow mica powder and mix well.

Finally, scoop into an airtight jar. Using a jar with a good seal will prevent the moisture from escaping the mixture.


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